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Oblate Finance Committee

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Here are members of the Saint Meinrad Archabbey Oblate Finance Committee, which counsels the oblate director on the financial needs of the oblate community. It assists in preparing the annual budget and reports to the Oblate Council the financial status of the oblate community. Click here to learn more about the Finance Committee and its role within the oblate community.

  Janice Dopp  
  Maureen Reichardt  
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     George Thomspon    

Chris Topa

Marie Kobos

Peter Manninen

Oblate Finance Committee: Purpose and Membership

The Oblate Community strives to achieve and maintain financial soundness and stability. Near- and long-term financial needs merit prudent planning and oversight.

The Oblate Finance Committee serves to assist the oblate director in meeting the financial needs of the community. The Committee's responsibilities include:

Financial Reporting
Report the operating results and financial status to the Oblate Council and prepare the annual budget in conjunction with the oblate director.  

Recommendations and Counsel
Make financial recommendations to the oblate director recognizing both revenue-generating programs and operating cost needs and controls. Respond to concerns and recommendations from the Oblate Council.

Financial Projects
Engage in projects as determined by the oblate director, the Oblate Council or the Finance Committee.

Oblate Finance Committee Membership
The Finance Committee shall consist of five to nine members appointed by the oblate director. The Finance Committee shall meet three times per year.

Member Qualifications
Finance Committee members must be oblates of Saint Meinrad Archabbey who have an earnest desire for spiritual advancement as set forth by the Rule of St. Benedict and have some familiarity with finances, budgets and business accounting.