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Online Accent Training

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According to research by Dean R. Hoge, PhD, and Aniedi Okure, OP*, the most common feedback given by U.S. parishioners about their international priest pastors is the difficulty they have in understanding their accents.

*International Priests in America: Challenges and Opportunities; Liturgical Press, 2006, p. 51

The Institute for Priests and Presbyterates' 12-week accent acquisition program uses web-based audio and video technology along with online learning materials to provide individual, personalized training, Utilizing the Compton P-ESL accent acquisition method, which has been used successfully by thousands of clients in areas such as film, customer service and international business, our instructors have helped priests in dioceses across the U.S.

How It Works

The training consists of 12 weekly one-hour sessions that focus on the specific target sounds needing the most work. The majority of students are scheduled for training during the summer (mid-May through August). The IPP also accepts students outside this timeframe in accordance with our instructors' availability.

Training takes place face-to-face over the Internet. Your computer will need a high-speed Internet connection, webcam, microphone and speakers.

At the conclusion of training, you (and your sponsoring diocese or religious community) will receive a comprehensive report with the percent of improvement on your individualized target sounds and recommendations for specific target sounds requiring continued practice.

The IPP's accent modification training provides lifetime access to online materials for continued practice.

Typical Results

If the method is practiced one hour daily for the span of the training, typical results of at least 50 percent better clarity and accuracy in North American speech can be expected.

Assessing Your Accent

If you're unsure whether you could benefit from accent training, start by taking this short initial screening online. After our trainer reviews the screening, you will be contacted by email with the trainer's recommendation regarding your need for training.

Cost and Registration

The cost of accent modification training is $1,000 for each participant.

We recommend that you first complete the initial screening to determine your accent training needs. After receiving the results from your initial screening, if you decide to register for training, the IPP will email you a link and instructions for completing and submitting the full online phonological assessment.

You will be contacted by our trainer with your results and to set up a schedule for training.

For more information, contact the Institute for Priests and Presbyterates: