Settling Into Priesthood

The Settling into Priesthood Program helps seminarians make a seamless transition into priesthood.

Facilitating the Transition into Ministry

The program begins in the fall after ordination with the transition facilitation process. A trained transition facilitator meets with the new priest, his pastor and the parish staff to identify particular challenges, strengths and opportunities for growth that the new priest can address during the on-campus workshop in the spring.

While the transition facilitator can conduct his work remotely through questionnaires and telephone interviews, the effectiveness of the Settling into Priesthood Program can be greatly enhanced by an on-site visit from the transition facilitator to the newly ordained priest's parish.

Workshop Session

The On-Campus Workshop

During the spring, the newly ordained priest participates in a workshop at Saint Meinrad with other new priests. This holistic program focuses on issues involving the transition period and adjustments from seminary to priesthood, including individual issues identified with the help of the transition facilitator.

The program emphasizes theological reflection, group interaction and pastoral expertise. Participants have access to the sacraments, monastic prayer, confession and physical fitness facilties. During the workshop each priest develops his personal plan for human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral growth.