Online Accent Training

According to research by Dean R. Hoge, PhD, and Aniedi Okure, OP*, the most common feedback given by U.S. parishioners about their international priest pastors is the difficulty they have in understanding their accents.

*International Priests in America: Challenges and Opportunities; Liturgical Press, 2006, p. 51

The Institute for Priests and Presbyterates' accent acquisition trainers offer a 13-week accent acquisition program using web-based audio and video technology. For curriculum, trainers use either web-based course materials, or the Speaking Pastoral English in America Course (S.P.E.A.C.) with its accompanying audio CD. Both methods provide individual, personalized training.

The Institute's trainers are certified in the Compton P-ESL accent acquisition method, which has been used successfully by thousands of clients in areas such as film, customer service and international business. Our instructors have helped priests in dioceses across the United States.