Language, Culture and Ministry Workshops

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Challenges for International Priests

International priests serving in the United States bring many gifts and talents to their ministry, but also face distinct challenges. Among the most pervasive challenges are their parishioners' ability to understand their accents, and understanding the complexities inherent in intercultural communication and ministry.

Accent Acquisition

International priests want to be understood by their parishioners in order to minister to them effectively and build good relationships with them. Accent acquisition training is not to "Americanize" the international priest or neutralize his accent so as to diminish his cultural identity. Rather, it gives the priest skills he can implement to communicate in his ministry more effectively.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Developing a deeper understanding of the differing cultural values and behaviors of both himself and his American parishioners equips the priest to act effectively in supporting his parish, his ministry, and those co-workers with whom he ministers.

Workshop Goals

Workshops aim to give priests the skills needed to:


Trainings are delivered in eight sessions, typically over two or three days, depending on the needs and availability of the diocese and the participants.