Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2015

August 21 New seminarians arrive
  22-23 New Seminarian Orientation
  23 Returning Seminiarians Arrive
  24 Fall Semester begins
  24-29 "Our Daily Bread" Intensive Spirituality Week
(All seminarians)
  30 Day of Prayer
  31 Fall Semester classes begin
September  4 Last day to drop/add a Fall Semester weekday course
  7 No classes; Labor Day
  15 Dolle Lecture on Church Architecture
  25 No classes-long weekend;
Faculty Study Day
October 6 Marten Homiletics Lecture 
  7 Marten Homiletics Workshop
  21 Seminary Formation Day
  26 No classes-long weekend;
Last day to withdraw from a Fall Semester weekday course
  30 STB Degree Program Application Deadline
November 5 Candidacy
  9 MA final exam questions are due to Academic Dean;
Final projects/papers due to director 
  9-13 Spring Semester registration
  12 Archbishop's Dinner/Address
  20 Last day of class before Thanksgiving break
  21-29 Thanksgiving Break
  30 Classes resume
December 8 No classes - Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
  10-11 Final Fall Semester class days/exams
  12 to Jan. 3 Christmas Break
  18 Fall Semester grades due to registrar


January Interterm 2016

December 27-January 16 Deacon Trip (Paris, London, Rome)
January 4 Spring Semester Begins
  4-15 Interterm Workshops
  16-24 Retreats


Spring Semester 2016

January     22 Last day to remove an "I" from Fall Semester weekday course 
  26 Spring Semester Classes Begin;
Bishop's Dinner 
February 2 Last day to drop/add a Spring Semester course
Black History Lecture 
  18 Ministries
  26 No classes-long weekend
March 3 Deacon Promises
  8 Thomas Lecture on Theology and Philosophy
  15 Priesthood Promises 
  18 Last day to withdraw from a Spring weekday course
March 19-28 Easter Break
  29 Weekday classes resume
 April 2 Diaconate Ordination
  8 MA Concluding Exercise questions due to Academic Dean;
Final projects/papers due to director;
  11-15 Fall Semester and Summer registration
  22 No classes-long weekend
May 12-13 Final Spring Class Days/Exams
  14 Graduation Day
  20 Spring weekday course grades due to registrar
June 24 Last day to remove "I" from Spring Semester weekday courses
July 1 Application deadline for admittance in Fall Semester