Our Alumni Say ...

"Saint Meinrad's priestly formation program is patient and balanced. It has been a blessing for me to pray and study in a place that can teach me not only professional skills for ministry, but also how to form a faith community and how to be formed by that same community. Saint Meinrad has my highest recommendation."
-Fr. Mitchel J. Zimmerman
Archdiocese of Kansas City

"In my discernment process, I was given the choice to attend Mundelein, Catholic University or Saint Meinrad School of Theology. After visiting each place, I found my self initially drawn to Saint Meinrad because of the innate beauty of its surroundings. Since completing my first year, I am anxiously awaiting my second. My choice to attend Saint Meinrad has brought so much more than just a beautiful campus. The prayer life, community and gifted academic professors have all contributed to my growth toward a life of holy priestly service."
-Fr. Randy Summers
Archdiocese of Indianapolis

"The priestly formation program at Saint Meinrad has challenged me to grow in new and profound ways. Looking at myself only a year ago, it is hard to comprehend how much God has worked through the formation at Saint Meinrad to help me grow into a more mature candidate for the priesthood. Through the many opportunities at Saint Meinrad, I am amazed at where God has brought me on this journey."
-Fr. Eric Schild
Diocese of Toledo

"Seminary life is unique. It is not only the academic pursuits, but also the focus on spiritual and personal formation of the individual. Seminary is more than what I expected, and I wish every young man would be open to entering seminary. I know this experience has changed my life; it has saved me in many ways. This process is not only about becoming a priest, but is about the complete formation of the person. My faith has brought peace and joy into my life and I hope I may encourage others to become closer to God as those here at Saint Meinrad have done for me."
-Fr. Gary Kaiser
Diocese of Evansville