Spiritual Formation Program

Saint Meinrad's spiritual formation program offers a structured, for-credit program for spiritual growth. The program can help you:

You can complete all of the program requirements in two to four years alongside your other coursework, earning three pass-fail credits toward your degree. The required components are:

Required Components

You must email all written assignments and reflections to the Director of Lay Degree Programs, who gathers them in your confidential spirituality portfolio and tracks your completion of the required components.

Optional Components

For more details on specific components or requirements, please contact the Office of Lay Degree Programs.

Payment Policy and Financial Aid

Tuition is based on the tuition rate at the time of enrollment and may be paid over a two-year or four-year period. You are responsible for arranging a payment schedule with the Business Office. If you complete the program earlier than expected, we will award you academic credit after the full tuition amount is paid.

You may receive applicable financial aid for the spiritual formation program, as for any other course. You must complete the necessary financial aid forms.

Please see Financial Information for more details.