How the Process Works

The Step-by-Step Process

1) Complete The Associate Pastor workshop registration form.

2) On the registration form, indicate your first three preferences for your Transition Facilitator. The Institute will assign a facilitator from those requested.

3) The newly ordained priest, his pastor, and a selected member of the parish staff then complete and submit their respective transition questionnaires.

4) When the submitted questionnaires are received, the Institute for Priests and Presbyterates delivers them to the assigned Transition Facilitator.

5) After receiving the completed questionnaires, the Transition Facilitator will contact the newly ordained priest, his pastor and parish staff member to schedule the on-site parish visit or telephone interviews.

6) Following the on-site parish visit or telephone interviews, the Transition Facilitator generates a report and sends it to the newly ordained priest.

7) The newly ordained priest brings that report to The Associate Pastor workshop. The report helps form the basis for the priest in creating his Personal Growth Plan at the workshop.

8) It is left to the discretion of the newly ordained priest with whom he may wish to share the report - his pastor, staff member(s), spiritual director, mentor, etc.