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If you'd like to learn more about your faith but don't have the time or inclination for academic courses, the online reading communities may be for you. We invite you to consider registering for one of our online reading communities for 2015. These reading communities are an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of your faith by sharing your reactions to a worthwhile Christian book.

There are no tests or term papers because the reading communities are not offered for academic credit. Each reading community takes up a worthwhile book and reads it in stages. Along the way, members, guided by a facilitator, post their reflections on the reading, and read and respond to one another. In this way, participants can read and share for the sheer joy of learning or they can fulfill requirements for continuing education for ministry.  

The fee for each online reading community is $40, which covers the cost of the book and administrative expenses. The book will be mailed to you after you register.


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Reading Community III: Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross  by Edward Sri. New York: Image, 2013, 170 pages.

Dates: September 6-November 7, 2015. Register by August 15, 2015.

From the book jacket: "In Walking with Mary, Edward Sri looks at the key passages in the Bible concerning Mary and offers insight into the Blessed Mother's faith and devotion that we can apply to our daily lives. We follow her step-by-step through the New Testament account of her life, reflecting on what the Scriptures tell us about how she responded to the dramatic events unfolding around her."  


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