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"Echoes from the Bell Tower" is the companion podcast to our regular blog. Every two weeks our hosts, Br. Kolbe and Br. Joel, will be bringing you stories of wit and wisdom from the monks here at Saint Meinrad Archabbey and show you a little about what it's like to be a Benedictine monk in the 21st century.  We're so excited to share these stories from life on the Hill with you. We hope you enjoy the podcast. You can listen to it by clicking on the audio file on this page, or you can subscribe to it on iTunes or Stitcher. And please leave us a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

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Episode 23: Peanut Brother - An Accidental Ministry


February 14, 2019
In which Br. Joel introduces us to Peanut Brother, the homemade peanut butter the monks began making over a year ago.

Episode 22: Following God's Call


December 13, 2018
In which Br. Kolbe has a conversation with his family about the difficulties and joys of religious life.

Episode 21: It's All in the Family: Lifetime Commitment


November 29, 2018
In which Br. Joel and Br. Kolbe listen in on a conversation between Br. John Mark Falkenhain and his parents. Like so many important decisions in life, joining a monastery has a ripple effect. Family and friends are touched by this life-changing choice.

Episode 20: Oblates: Ordinary People Seeking God


November 15, 2018
In which Br. Joel and Br. Kolbe talk to oblates of Saint Meinrad. The Benedictine oblate community affiliated with Saint Meinrad Archabbey has been around almost as long the monastery itself. But, what is an oblate? Oblates are men and women who live and work in the world, but who wish to follow the spiritual path established by St. Benedict.

Upcoming Episodes: Saint Meinrad's Outreach


November 8, 2018
Echoes from the Bell Tower is back with new episodes starting November 15, 2018. These fall episodes will focus on Saint Meinrad's outreach.

Episode 19: One Bread, One Cup: The Young Church of Today


July 26, 2018
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe, and their guests look at the One Bread, One Cup program for Catholic youth held at Saint Meinrad every summer.

Episode 18:  Vow Charts - A Hidden Treasure


July 12, 2018
In which guest hosts Br. Nathaniel and Br. Simon discuss with some of their fellow monks the beautiful tradition of vow charts. 

Episode 17: Word with a Capital "W"


June 21, 2018
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe, and their guests look at some of the ways that "the Word" is important to life here at Saint Meinrad. 

Episode 16: Keep Death Daily Before Your Eyes


March 22, 2018
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe, and their guests discuss funeral practices in the monastery and remember a monk who has gone to eternal life.

Preview Episode: Remembering Fr. Rupert


March 15, 2018
In this Season 3 preview episode, we remember Fr. Rupert Ostdick, OSB.

Season 3 Trailer


March 8, 2018
Br. Joel and Br. Kolbe are here to tell you that Season 3 is on the way!

What Brought You to Saint Meinrad? - Part 2


December 14, 2017
Part 2 of 2 in which various guests recount their stories of how they came to Saint Meinrad.

What Brought You to Saint Meinrad? - Part 1


November 30, 2017
Part 1 of 2 in which various guests recount their stories of how they came to Saint Meinrad.

Fall Trailer


November 16, 2017
Echoes from the Bell Tower returns with new episodes on November 30!

Episode 13 -  Composing Music: Bringing Prayers to Life


July 6, 2017
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe, and their guests discuss music composition and prayer, including the creation of the "Echoes" theme song.

Episode 12 -  Chant: "Drinking God Straight"


June 22, 2017
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe, and their guests discuss chant and its place in the prayer life of the monastery.

Episode 11 -  Frequently Asked Questions


June 8, 2017
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe and their guests answer frequently asked questions about our monks and our monastery.

Episode 10 -  Archabbot Kurt's Coat of Arms


May 25, 2017
A mini-episode containing a brief story from Archabbot Kurt Stasiak, OSB, about his coat of arms.

Episode 09 -  A Day in the Life...


May 11, 2017
In which Br. Joel and Br. Kolbe talk with guests from the monastery and our seminary about what a day in the life of a monk or seminarian at Saint Meinrad is like.

Episode 08 -  The Bells of Saint Meinrad, Rebroadcast


April 27, 2017
In which Br. Joel and Br. Kolbe talk about the bells of Saint Meinrad. The bells lead people to Saint Meinrad and they call the monastic community to prayer. They're going to have stories from the other monks who explain what the bells mean to us. They also have an update on Bell 6 that cracked and needed to be removed and repaired.

Episode 07 - Band of Brothers: Community Life, Part  2


April 13, 2017
In this second episode on community life, Br. Joel and Br. Kolbe talk about community life in the monastery and how the monks celebrate Halloween.

Episode 06 - Out of Many, One: Community Life, Part 1


March 30, 2017
In which Br. Joel, Br. Kolbe, and their guests discuss community life and fellowship among the seminarians at Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology. The first in a two-part series on community life.

Season 2 Trailer


March 2, 2017
Are you ready? Echoes from the Bell Tower is returning for Season 2!

Preview Episode - O Advent, We Await Your Antiphons

chant tag.jpg

December 15, 2016
This preview episode of season two is all about chant and its role in monastic life, especially during the Advent season right before Christmas. Music fans will love the melodic chant featured in this episode. 

Preview Episode - Around the World


November 17, 2016
Podcast hosts Br. Joel Blaize, OSB, and Br. Kolbe Wolniakowski, OSB, (the former Novice Tony from last season) take us to the Around the World Party. It's a festive event held each fall and spring at Saint Meinrad.

Special Episode - Election Update


June 23, 2016
In a special episode of our podcast, Br. Joel and Novice Tony interview our new archabbot, the Right Reverend Kurt Stasiak, OSB.

Episode 05 - It's Election Time...but No Campaigning Allowed

Abbot Bonaventure and Pope Paul VI_2.jpg

May 26, 2016
In which Br. Joel, Novice Tony, and their guests discuss the resignation of Archabbot Justin DuVall, OSB and the upcoming election of his successor. This episode describes how the election process works in the monastery and what the monks consider when choosing the leader of their community.

Episode 04 - Hobbies: What Monks Do Besides Pray and Work


May 12, 2016
In which Br. Joel, Novice Tony, and their guests discuss what Benedictine monks do outside of prayer and work. Hobbies and disciplines abounds at the monastery from stamp collecting and model trains to brewing and beekeeping. It's a honey of an episode.

Episode 03 - What's Behind a Monk's Name?

Episode 3.jpg

April 28, 2016
In which Br. Joel and Novice Tony discuss how monks get their names and how Novice Jonathan became Br. Joel...and not a Jonas "brother". Other monks tell the stories behind their names, why feast days are celebrated, and how choosing a name can help a community move on from tragedy.

Episode 02 - St. Meinrad: The man, the martyr, the place

Episode 2.jpg

April 14, 2016
In which Br. Joel, Novice Tony, and their guests tell the story of St. Meinrad, a Benedictine monk from the 9th century who became our patron saint. Topics include St. Meinrad's life and martyrdom, Swiss monks emigrating, a wonderful small town in Indiana, guard chickens, the work we do for the Church, and...cheese.

Episode 01 - The Bells of Saint Meinrad


March 31, 2016
In which Novices Jonathan, Tony, and their guests talk about the bells of Saint Meinrad Archabbey. Stories include the importance of the bells to monastic life, ringing mishaps, monk pranks, bell flipping, janky ladders, and the toll after a monk's death.

Episode 00 - Trailer


March 10, 2016
Introducing Echoes from the Bell Tower, a podcast devoted to stories of wit and wisdom from the monks of Saint Meinrad, a Benedictine monastery in southern Indiana.