Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

His Early Education

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He taught him carefully and instructed Meinrad so thoroughly that he was instilled with no small knowledge of sacred Scripture. For from the earliest age, the boy avoided the frivolities and errors in which youth is usually entangled, and set his mind to take in those things which his teacher had taught.

Meinrad -sent -to -teach -other -monks
St. Meinrad is sent to teach other Monks.

When he was 25 years old, Meinrad was raised to the office of deacon, and not long afterwards to the rank of priest, doing as did his teacher. This was when Louis, the son of Charles, reigned as emperor, and the abbot of the island was a man named Hatto.[4] Hatto was very distinguished for his teaching, good works, and nobility of life, and was bishop of the church of Basel. He renounced the affairs of the active life, however, and gave himself over to the beauty of the contemplative life.

So it was that, elected by all the brethren, Erlebald was put in charge of the island and the brothers, and with the permission of Louis, the emperor, placed in the office of abbot[5] Once he took up this charge, he immediately persuaded the venerable man Meinrad to accept the yoke of the rule (Rule of St. Benedict) and undertake to keep the standard of monastic life.

Meinrad consented to this sound advice, made his promise, and strove with every effort to keep what he had promised. He was always prompt to obey, strict in fasting, zealous in prayer, generous in works of mercy, and most of all in humility did he place himself beneath everyone else.

While he grew strong in these ways, Meinrad was assigned by the abbot to a certain small cell belonging to the monastery, close by Lake Zurich, into which the river Limmat empties, so that Meinrad could be in charge of the school there, and share with many to the Lord's advantage the talent with which he had been enriched.

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  • 4 Abbot 807-823. Thus, the events are to be dated somewhere from 814 to 823. Return to text.
  • 5 The year is 823; Hatto was abbot from 823 to 838. Return to text.