Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

Meinrad Foresees His Death

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Now before the evil men entered his cell-one of whom was called Richard and was from the nation of the Alamanni, and the other of whom was called Peter and was born of the nation of the Raetians-[before they entered his cell, I say,] the chickens which the venerable man kept there saw the men come near, scattered through the hermitage as if they were being chased by a fox, and filled the woods with a resounding and unusual clamor and unheard of noise, such that the thieves themselves were astonished and wondered greatly at it, and in their own minds perceived that it was unnatural. Still, they were not distracted from their task, and approached the chapel.

Meinrad -says -Mass -in -the -monastery
St. Meinrad says Mass in the monastery.

Here, as was said, the man of God was reconciling God to himself with abundant prayers. Foreseeing what would happen, he had received the Lord's body as the viaticum of his death with a pure heart and devout mind. For already the man of God sensed that his slayers were at hand.

Still, he did not offer himself to them at once, but delaying yet a little while, kept the door of his chapel closed so that he could linger yet a little while in prayer. So he finished his prayer with force, and taking up in his hands the reliquaries of the saints one by one, he kissed them reverently, and was commending his agony to the Lord and to the saints whose relics he reverently embraced.

The evil men had now arrived, and were watching him do this through a kind of chink in the wall. At last this strong athlete went out to the fight with God's help, and did not deny his presence to the murderers. First offering them words of greeting, he then said: "O friends, why did you come so late? Why didn't you hurry and come and hear my humble Mass so that I could pray to our common Lord on your behalf? But even now go in, ask God and his saints to be gentle with you, and afterwards return to me, so that I may share for the love God whatever blessing I can offer you that he bestows. And so finish the work that you have come to do."

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