Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict


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Audio Files

  1. Chanting the Orations

  2. Chanting the Preface Dialogue and Preface (Corrected version 11/28/2011)

  3. The Pachal Proclamation

  4. Eucharistic Prayer III Sung Parts

Entrance & Communion
Antiphon Samples
  1. Co. 2nd Sunday of Advent

  2. Co. 4th Sunday of Advent

  3. Co. Christmas Midnight

  4. Co. 1st Sunday of Lent

  5. Co. Easter Sunday

  6. Co. Pentecost

  7. Co. 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

  8. Co. Feast of Immaculate Conception

  9. En. 1st Sunday of Lent

Offertory Samples
  1. Ash Wednesday

  2. Of. 1st Sunday of Lent

  3. Of. 2nd Sunday of Lent

  4. Of 3rd Sunday of Lent

  5. Of. 4th Sunday of Lent-a

  6. Of. 4th Sunday of Lent-b

  7. Of. 5th Sunday of Lent

  8. Of. 6th Sunday Passion

  9. Of. Ave-Maria 2

  10. Of. Bonum est (Eng)

  11. Of. De Profundis (Eng.+SG)

  12. Of. De Profundis (Eng)

  13. Of. Domine Jesu.Eng.GT 674

  14. Of. Domine Jesu.verse.GT 674

  15. Of. Domine Jesu.verse

  16. Of. Domine Jesue.stmls

  17. Of. Easter Sunday

  18. Of. Holy Saturday

  19. Of. Holy Thursday

  20. Of. Jubilate Deu (Eng)

  21. Of. Stetit Angelus (Eng)

Christmas Chants

Audio Files

  1. Chanting the Orations

  2. Chanting the Preface Dialogue and Preface (Corrected version 11/28/2011)


  • Only Eucharistic Prayers I and III are set for concelebration chanting, although all 10 Eucharistic Prayers are available in both this PDF file and a PDF labeled: "Eucharistic Prayers for Concelebrants"

  • Includes The Preparation of Gifts prayers, Prayers over the Offerings for Sundays and Major Feasts and the Communion Rite, in addition to Prefaces and Eucharistic Prayers

  • Text - Roman Missal III - 2011 with Chant from St. Meinrad

  • Text and Chant - St. Meinrad


Chant Instruction

  1. Chant Performance Manual

  2. Singing Chant: Latin and English

  3. Handout Notes for Chant Class

  4. Melodic Embellishments in Gregorian Chant

  5. Haec dies

  6. The Haec dies Gradual

  7. Christus factus est

Proper of the Mass Chant Scores



Funeral and Nuptial Masses

  1. Funeral Mass

  2. Nuptial Mass

Feast and Solemnities During Ordinary Time

  1. The Most Holy Trinity

  2. The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

  3. The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

  4. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The Vigil Mass

  5. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The Mass during the Day

  6. All Saints

Ordinary Time

Ordinary of the Mass Chant Scores

  1. The St. Meinrad Kyriale

Chant Scores for Miscellaneous Settings

  1. St. Meinrad Psalm Tones

  2. Exultet

  3. Gospel Verses




Gratis permission is granted to the community of Saint Meinrad Archabbey to post to the Internet individual digital files of musical settings of the Revised Grail Psalms. These digital files may be distributed to, and downloaded by, the general public for use within their religious communities, provided no remuneration is exchanged for this use.

Any composer wishing to sell his/her settings of the Revised Grail Psalms, whether at cost or for a profit, should contact GIA for permission.

All other policies regarding copyright notice and other licensing stipulations must be observed; visit for more information.

Musical compositions and texts that are Copyright Saint Meinrad Archabbey are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Fonts are not included under this license.

These files are subject to corrections and changes. More files will be added as time permits.