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Just For Me Books™ series offers advice on grief, fear, anger and making friends

May 24, 2012

Four books in the new Just for Me Books™ series offer children ages 4-8 advice on how to handle grief, fear, anger and making friends in healthy ways. The books, written by various authors, feature artwork from acclaimed illustrator Anne FitzGerald. The series was released in April by Abbey Press, with plans to release two more books in mid-December.

Death can be hard to understand, especially for children who are new to the experience. Being Sad When Someone Dies: A Book About Grief ... Just for Me! by Linus Mundy offers practical coping skills to help young readers understand their feelings of grief and reassures them things will get better. Mundy attempts to speak directly to the child in words he/she can understand.

Children face a lot of difficult things in life including fear. Sometimes I'm Afraid: A Book About Fear...Just for Me! by Michaelene Mundy helps young readers understand what it means to be afraid and how to find courage and support in their friends and loved ones.

Anger is normal and everyone gets angry, but children often respond to anger by throwing tantrums, yelling or hitting. Being Mad: A Book About Anger...Just for Me! by Molly Wigand helps children learn to understand and accept their anger and to express it in healthy ways.

Psychological studies show strong friendships lead to long, healthy and happy lives, but making friends isn't a skill taught in schools. How To Be A Friend: A Book About Friendship...Just for Me! also authored by Molly Wigand, introduces children to the values that make good friends and how they can become a good friend to others.

The Just for Me Books™ series is published by Abbey Press and is available for $7.95 each at the Saint Meinrad Archabbey Gift Shop and online at

Linus Mundy has written several books for children and adults and has provided articles for religious publications. Mundy was the publisher of Abbey Press for several years and founder of the highly acclaimed series of CareNotes and Elf-Help Therapy books offered through Abbey Press. Mundy and his wife, Michaelene, wrote the Bringing Religion Home newsletter for several years.

Michaelene Mundy has written a number of books for children. She is a school and community counselor and has taught elementary school children. Mundy is the author of Sad Isn't Bad and Mad Isn't Bad, both books in the Elf-Help Books for Kids series offered through Abbey Press. She and her husband, Linus, live in Jasper, IN.

Molly Wigand is a writer and editor from Lenexa, KS. She has taught creative writing to adults and children. Wigand is the author of numerous children's books including the Elf-Help Book for Kids Help is Here for Facing Fear offered through Abbey Press.

Anne FitzGerald is an internationally known artist and has written and illustrated over 200 children's books. FitzGerald works from her studio in Limerick, Ireland, where she also teaches art at Liberty Christian School.

Abbey Press is operated by the Benedictine monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, IN.