Saint Meinrad co-workers, retirees honored for service

Monday, November 13, 2017

Saint Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN, honored 39 co-workers and 40 retirees during the annual Service Recognition Banquet on September 27, 2017.

Archabbot Kurt Stasiak, OSB, offered appreciation on behalf of the monastic community. "Tonight we make a special effort to count our blessings, and we thank you, our co-workers, for being a blessing to us. In many ways, you have benefitted us; you have done Saint Meinrad good."

Janet Ann Werne of St. Henry was honored for 50 years of service. She received a framed print of the Archabbey Church.

45 years: Ruth Denning of St. Meinrad and Carol Heeke of Ferdinand.

40 years: Sharon Lueken, Doris Schaefer and Jen Voegerl, all of Ferdinand; Carla Obermeier of Fulda, Connie Richardson of Tell City, Deb Scherer of Troy, and Sharon Schwindel of St. Meinrad.

35 years:  Scott Fischer of St. Meinrad and Judith Harris of Grandview.

30 years: Eileen Gogel and Mary Ellen Seifrig, both of St. Meinrad. Also recognized were Sr. Diane Pharo, SCN, of St. Meinrad, 29 years of service; Clayton Jefford of Tell City, 28 years; and Rick Stern of Santa Claus, 27 years.

25 years of service: Sandra Applegate of Bristow; Jackie Kress of Santa Claus; Christine Lahee of Tell City; Greg Tate of Hardinsburg, KY; and Rosanna Tempel of Lincoln City.

20 years: Marilyn Pierrard of Bristow, Teresa Rennie of Leopold and Mary Jeanne Schumacher of Huntingburg.

15 years: Bonnie Meyer of Bristow.

10 years: Marsha Lynch of Jasper and Angie Schmidt of Lincoln City.

5 years: Kimberly Baker of Ferdinand, Etta Begle and Krista Neuman of Dale, Felissa Chanley of Branchville, Deb Dyko of St. Meinrad, Dave Gramelspacher and Krista Hall of Jasper, Bob Hagedorn and Jim Paquette of Santa Claus, Linda Lindauer of St. Meinrad, Vince Luecke of Evanston, and Lena Mattingly of English.

Forty co-workers retired since the last recognition dinner, and they were presented with an image of the Archabbey Church steeples hand carved in Saint Meinrad sandstone.

Retirees honored were Cathy Altman of Ferdinand (26 years), Marcia Austin of Birdseye (16 years), Jim Backer of St. Meinrad (41 years), Barb Balka of Jasper (17 years), Gerri Buse of Holland (18 years), Pat Clark of Birdseye (17 years), Jenny Daunhauer of Ferdinand (38 years), Anita Davis of St. Croix (41 years), Martha Demuth of St. Meinrad (37 years), Ruth Denning of St. Meinrad (45 years), Jessie Dixon of Cannelton (39 years), Donna Ernst of Jasper (42 years),

Peggy Franchville of Bristow (29 years), Mary Jo Giesler of Ferdinand (36 years), Gary Guy of Huntingburg (43 years), Debbie Harpenau of Tobinsport (39 years), Judith Harris of Grandview (35 years), Sharon Hedinger of St. Meinrad (36 years), Mark Heitkemper of Henderson, KY (24 years), Sandy Little of Tell City (36 years), Sharon Lueken of Ferdinand (40 years),

Rita Marsili of Tell City (41 years), Tim Niehaus of St. Meinrad (43 years), Carla Obermeier of Fulda (40 years), Ruth Rasche of Ferdinand (38 years), Connie Richardson of Tell City (40 years), Tracy Schaefer of Ferdinand (39 years), Mark Schatz of Bristow (38 years), Deb Scherer of Troy (40 years), Pat Scherer of Evanston (44 years), Sharon Schwindel of St. Meinrad (40 years),

Cindy Sitzman of St. Meinrad (39 years), Betty Tretter of Ferdinand (39 years), Jen Voegerl of Ferdinand (40 years), Jackie Waninger of St. Meinrad (43 years), Renus Waninger of Fulda (58 years), Mary Werne of Ferdinand (49 years), Nancy Wichman of Bristow (14 years), Steve Wichman of Bristow (41 years), and Kathy Wirthwein of Ferdinand (39 years).

Those honored for 40 years of service received a double set of specially minted solid silver coins depicting St. Meinrad, the martyr of hospitality, on the front and the Archabbey's coat of arms on the back. Each of the 25-, 27-, 28- and 29-year honorees was presented with one Saint Meinrad silver coin.