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Alumni are "Echoes" of Saint Meinrad

by Tim Herrmann


I was recently thinking about our blog title, "Echoes from the Bell Tower." It dawned upon me that I see these echoes quite frequently, and I had a unique opportunity to witness these echoes ringing through our alumni not long ago.

While on pilgrimage in the Holy Land recently, I received an email from back home in Indiana asking me to sit on a panel to speak to graduating high school seniors from Dubois County here in Indiana. I immediately said "yes" to the opportunity, because, well, when in the Holy Land everything feels like a "yes" moment. In hindsight, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into.

I'm glad I said "yes." Something dawned on me while listening to Bishop Charles Thompson T'87 of the Diocese of Evansville give the keynote address to the 300 students and parents in attendance.

If someone ever asks me, "Why do you do what you do for the Catholic Church and Saint Meinrad, Tim?" my response, among many scenarios, would be to describe the Dubois County High School Senior Night on February 19, 2014.

I was overwhelmed with joy in realizing that many of the folks in the room were alumni. They were bishops, monks, priests, permanent deacons, youth ministers, campus ministers, current students and seminarians and, for all I know, there could have been parents in the room who are alumni or current students at Saint Meinrad.

What dawned on me is that these are the folks who are ministering to the faithful of the Catholic Church. These folks are the echoes from our Saint Meinrad bell towers. These are the folks who have been influenced by the Benedictine charism of hospitality and glorifying God in all things.

These are the folks who work for the righteousness of God to bring others closer to Christ. These are the folks who are called in the middle of the night or work atypical hours to meet people where they are in their journeys. These are the folks who want no thanks but to be prayed for.

These are the folks who have inspired me in my work as Director of Alumni Relations at Saint Meinrad.

These are the folks whom the monks pray for every day at their Community Mass.

These are the folks who will continue being loving, serving, hospitable, Christ-like, inspiring and purposeful echoes from the bell tower.

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