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Month in Pictures: October 2016

by Krista Hall


On the first Friday in October, students, faculty, co-workers and the Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology Board of Overseers filled the Holly Courtyard at Saint Meinrad for a trip around the world through food.

The Around the World party is a seminary event that takes place twice a year, in the fall and spring. Seminarians prepare food from their countries or regions of origin to celebrate the diversity and culture in the seminary.

161007_AroundTheWorld_024.jpgCurrently, 29 percent of the seminary community is international. There are people from Togo in Africa, and from Korea and Vietnam in Asia. There are people who have lineage from Peru, South America, from Central America, Mexico, Nicaragua, even New Zealand, plus all of the different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds in the United States.

"Around the World is an event where all of these different expressions of culture come out in food," explains Joseph de Orbegozo of the Diocese of Little Rock. "That food is shared together in a fair-style event where people walk around and try what they want."

The Around the World party is one of the major community-building events in the seminary. It is organized by two seminarians, but the whole community comes together to make the event a success. Joseph and Gil Pierre of the Archdiocese of Mobile organized the event last year.

"It's an event put on for the community by the community," says Gil. "Around the World draws together a large portion of the community to show off their gifts, show off their talents. Not everyone is a cook, but we have enough people to come forward and cook. We also have people to help set up and to come clean up at the end."

The event also ties into seminary formation, as the students work together to share and teach others about their cultures.

161007_AroundTheWorld_020.jpg"This is something that the students are putting on for each other," says Fr. Julian Peters, OSB. "There's a real element of service, community building, human formation and also the experience of expanding your tastes. Try something different, step out of your parameters, the boundaries, the limits that you've known and be adventurous."

Fr. Julian and the spouses and guests of the Board of Overseers prepared a table of Bavarian food for the party. They spent the afternoon cooking up beer bread with onions, pretzels and lubkuchen heart cookies.

The evening of the event, tables lined the courtyard. As people walked from table to table, they found spring rolls and egg rolls from Vietnam, chicken tikka from India, barbeque from Kansas City, quesadillas from Mexico, blood stew from the Philippines and homemade ice cream from the Oklahoma City seminarians.

There is always a variety of food to choose from at the event and sometimes people don't always know what they're eating. Last year, a group of seminarians prepared pig brain, and another year some seminarians butchered and prepared goat.

"Around the World broadens our experience of other cultures and backgrounds," says Fr. Julian. "It is an opportunity to really taste and see, to experience something very genuine because these are often recipes the guys brought from home, or they learned to make from their families. That helps us to be more informed about other cultures and our understanding of where people come from and how faith is lived out in different places."








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