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Programs for International Priests

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International priests serving in the United States bring many gifts and talents to their ministry, but also face distinct challenges. The Institute for Priests and Presbyterates offers programs to address issues frequently encountered by priests who come from around the world to minister in the United States.

Accent Acquisition for International Mission Priests

This highly successful, 13-week program uses online video technology to provide individual, face-to-face training to help priests communicate more clearly with their parishioners. It includes lifetime access to online materials for continued practice. Read more  »

World Priest Workshop

This workshop conducted at Saint Meinrad assists international priests in their transition into diocesan ministry in the United States with accent training and an introduction to the cultural context of the Catholic Church in the United States. This weeklong workshop is conducted twice annually. Read more  »

Workshops for International Priests

Conducted at dioceses around the United States, the Institute's two workshops focus either intensively on accent training, or on accent training in combination with intercultural communication and ministry skills. Read more  »