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World Priest Program assists international priests manage a successful transition into effective ministry in the United States. Presentations and discussions on culture, liturgy, ministry and communication provide a thorough introduction to the cultural context of the Catholic Church in the United States.

Cost and Registration

World Priest Program is delivered in three 5-day workshops that are most effective when experienced in sequential order.


Each individual workshop is $995, or $2,950 if registering for all three at once. Round-trip airport shuttle is available for $50 per person per session.

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Presentation Topics and Workshop Schedules

January Session Topics and Schedule

Introduction to U.S. Speech Patterns

Jeff Jenkins  teaches participants how to train the ear to detect derivations between one's current speech patterns and those of target speakers. He further provides techniques that can be used to practice the target speech patterns on the sound, word and sentence levels.

Fr. Hector in class

U.S. Church Hierarchical Structures

From one U.S. Catholic diocese to another, titles, roles and functions of Church hierarchy and personnel may differ somewhat. Differences naturally exist from country to country as well. Fr. Steve Giannini covers the basic functions of personnel in typical U.S. dioceses, contrasting the differences with workshop participants' home dioceses.

Gender, Boundary and Sexuality Issues and Dynamics

The dynamics of America's culture in regard to sex and sexuality can be rather confusing to priests from other countries, cultures and backgrounds. Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, employs his extensive research and counseling practice to help international priests better understand U.S. cultural dynamics in this area.Matthew Kumi praying

Sharing Your Culture

A simple act, such as preparing and sharing a meal indigenous to your country, can open the doors to an intercultural exchange with your American parishioners. A cooking and cultural sharing demonstration sets the model for what international priests can try in their parishes. Other methods of sharing your culture with those you serve will also be discussed.

Homiletics and Mass Practicum

´╗┐Fr. Brendan Moss, OSB, works with participants to better understand and master the norms and customs of presiding and preaching at a typical Sunday Eucharistic liturgy in the United States. Sacramental rituals are also covered.

Owensboro HGN laughing

U.S. Catholic Church History

Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology President-Rector Fr. Denis Robinson, OSB, retraces the people, places and events that comprise the unique makeup of American Church history and their implications for today's U.S. Catholic.

April-May Session Topics and Schedule

Speech Patterns for Increased Comprehensibility

Building upon his February presentation, Jeff Jenkins teaches participants how to apply target speech patterns to important features of linguistic comprehensibility. Particular attention is given to stress, rhythm and intonation.

Jeff Jenkins teaching

Being a Man of Communion - Presbyteral Theology

IPP Director Fr. Ron Knott explores the major themes from his books, Intentional Presbyterates: Claiming Our Common Sense of Purpose and A Bishop and His Priests Together. What does it mean to be a priest as a member of a presbyterate? What are the implications for working together intentionally with other priests of a diocese?

Ministering to People with Same-Sex Attraction

Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, begins with the Catholic Church's teaching on the subject and then moves to the pastoral application of that teaching. Studies in human psychology on sexual preference and American cultural dynamics are discussed as well.

U.S. Cultures

The United States is a pluralistic society comprised of various cultures of origin. In American Cultures, Dr. Tom Walters discusses the myriad of cultures present in America through the lens of Church history. What is America's religious culture landscape? How did it come to be that way? What might an international priest expect to find in his particular ministry setting in the United States?

Fr. Joosa contemplating

Homiletics and Mass Practicum

Fr. Brendan Moss, OSB works with participants to understand and master the norms and customs of presiding and preaching at a typical funeral liturgy in the United States.

Fr. Jegin smiling

Leading the Ministry Team: Priests, Permanent Deacons and Lay Ecclesial Ministers

Permanent deacons and lay ecclesial ministers, although not unique to the Church in the United States, are more prevalent in parishes and ministerial settings than in all other countries. The presenter covers the typical duties and working relationships of these fellow ministers and explains how their presence and ministry both benefit and impact the work and ministry of their priest-pastors.

August Session Topics and Schedule

Speech Patterns for Pastoral and Liturgical MinistryJeff Jenkins vertical

Jeff Jenkins helps participants focus on how to apply target speech patterns to important speech tasks as priests: proclamation, homiletics and spontaneous speech. Particular attention is given to phrasing, volume and speed.

Parish Revitalization

Many today accept the closing of parishes as "inevitable." IPP Director Fr. Ron Knott draws upon extensive experience as a pastor in "reviving" a home mission parish, a rural parish and a center-city cathedral parish, as well as his DMin degree in parish revitalization, to offer some tried-and-true approaches to answering the question, "Why not a second golden age?"

Civil Law and the Church

Most parish administrators have some working knowledge of Church law, but may find themselves lacking when confronting issues of civil law. Sr. Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, discusses the basics of civil law as it impacts clergy and religious institutions.

2012 WPP Group Photo

Homiletics and Mass Practicum

Fr. Brendan Moss, OSB, helps workshop participants understand and master the norms and customs of presiding and preaching at a typical wedding liturgy in the United States.

Ethics and Accountability in Parish Ministry

Joe Cook covers the standards used in many U.S. parishes for conducting parish ministry both ethically and with accountability in their program operations, governance, human resources, financial management and fundraising.

WPP Certificate Ceremony