Lisa DeJaco Crutcher is a native of Louisville, KY, where she practiced law for many years before starting down another path. Since 2017, she has served as chief executive officer for Catholic Charities of Louisville.

In 2015, she learned of Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology through a friend who was taking classes there at the time.

“I thought, ‘That sounds fascinating. I want to do that!’” she says. “Most of the classes I took were really meaningful to me in one way or another. I loved the History of the Church class that I took with Dr. Alvis,” she recalls.

Lisa graduated with her Master of Arts degree in theology in 2022 and has already returned to audit a course. In her current position as the CEO of Catholic Charities, she thought it would be really valuable to understand more about how canon law works.

“I just really like to learn things, so I’ll probably be taking a class here or there at Saint Meinrad forever.”

The theological background she developed at Saint Meinrad has been tremendously useful for her - and others by extension, as she engages with parish staff and pastors.

“I have a vocabulary now thanks to the work at Saint Meinrad that I wouldn’t have had without that training,” she explains.

Lisa’s two children were quite young when she began her Saint Meinrad coursework. Most of her classes were weekend courses on campus. Her years spent at Saint Meinrad provided a break from her busy life and a chance to grow and learn about her Catholic faith.

“The opportunity to step out of my typical routine and get away to somewhere as peaceful, beautiful, and prayerful as Saint Meinrad was almost like a retreat every time I could go for the weekend,” she says. “It was so restorative for me to have a small piece of time carved out of my otherwise hectic life to focus on learning and thinking about God.”

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