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It's Election Time...But No Campaigning Allowed

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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This is the last episode in our first season of the "Echoes from the Bell Tower" podcast. In this episode, hosts Br. Joel Blaize, OSB, and Novice Tony Wolniakowski, OSB, tell us about the upcoming election of a new abbot.

At Saint Meinrad, the current abbot, Archabbot Justin DuVall, OSB, is only the ninth person to lead the monastery in 162 years. The first abbot, Martin Marty, was appointed by the pope. So this election on June 2 is only the ninth one in the community's history.

According to Church law, there are only three requirements to be eligible for the position of abbot. So at Saint Meinrad, there will be more than 50 monks' names on the ballot. You might call that a wide-open field of candidates.

On this blog, we've included some photos of past abbots and a special slideshow that honors Archabbot Justin's service to the monastic community during the past 11-plus years.

We hope to be back this fall with more episodes. Right now, our podcast producer Krista Hall is enjoying some time at home with her new son, Ethan, who was born on May 13.

In the meantime, enjoy this episode about the abbatial election and pass the word to your friends about the "Echoes from the Bell Tower" podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud. Thanks for listening!




Abbots of Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Abbot Martin Marty, OSB

Dates of service:



Abbot Fintan Mundwiler, OSB

Dates of service:



 Abbot Athanasius Schmitt, OSB

Dates of service:



 Abbot Ignatius Esser, OSB

Dates of service:



 Archabbot Bonaventure Knabel, OSB

Dates of service:



 Archabbot Gabriel Verkamp, OSB

Dates of service:



 Archabbot Timothy Sweeney, OSB

Dates of service:



 Archabbot Lambert Reilly, OSB

Dates of service:



 Archabbot Justin Duvall, OSB

Dates of service:

2004 - June 2, 2016

We give thanks to God for Archabbot Justin's stewardship of this monastery and pray for him in future endeavors.