“When teaching religion, the more authentic you can be about your own faith journey, the better. Then students will trust you and more rewarding conversations about their faith journeys will be had,” explains Clare Wolz, who is in her third year of teaching religion at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Louisville, KY.

A richer prayer life and a deeper understanding of her faith is what Wolz brings to her classroom in Louisville from her classroom at Saint Meinrad. Earning her master’s in theology, Wolz discovered that Saint Meinrad’s program is not only focused on academics, but on developing authentically human, prayerful, and gifted disciples of Christ.

 “At Saint Meinrad I’ve found answers to some of my burning questions as well as the resources to take the study of my faith further. And along the way, I’ve developed an intimate and personal relationship with God through prayer.”

Before Saint Meinrad, Wolz was a teacher passionate about her faith. Her education and formation at Saint Meinrad transformed her from a passionate teacher into a faith-filled minister well prepared to use her gifts to lead others to Christ.

“Saint Meinrad has shaped the kind of person and teacher I am. At the end of the year, if I’ve convinced my students to keep growing in their faith and to constantly seek more, then I consider it a successful year.”

At Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, we form authentically human, prayerful, pastoral, and gifted priests, permanent deacons, and lay ministers. Will you help us continue this important work on behalf of the Church? Your gift is not only an investment in Saint Meinrad; it’s an investment in the people of God.

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