Deacon Tim DeCrane of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis was drawn to the priesthood because he was inspired by the priests he knew - servant leaders passionate about their ministry and willing to pour out their lives in service to the Church.

“During my time in formation, I was surrounded by priests who are really committed to ministry and to the sacramental life. They showed me that authentic Gospel joy meant a willingness to walk with people through the joys and trials of their lives.”

“Right now, I feel what parishioners’ desire most from their pastors is approachability. Being present to others is the greatest gift we can bring to ministry. When a parishioner is struggling with something, I want to offer genuine concern and let them know that if there is something really bothering them, I’m willing to hear it and walk with them on that journey.”

At Saint Meinrad, Deacon DeCrane says that he was challenged to discover who God was calling him to be. Now, he’s ready to help others do the same in parishes across the Archdiocese.

“When you arrive at Saint Meinrad, what matters most is that you’re willing to form your life to Jesus Christ. They don’t expect you to be perfect but they expect you to work on growing into the person God made you to be.”

At Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, we're filled with hope for the future of the Church because of the witness of Deacon Tim DeCrane and others like him who are willing to dedicate their lives in service to the Church and the world.  Together with your support, we will continue to build a stronger Church with ministers known by their faith, hope and integrity.

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