Saint Meinrad Engages the Church in what the Church Needs

A native of Findlay, OH, Fr. Simon Herrmann, OSB, first came to Saint Meinrad in 2005 as a high school participant in the “One Bread, One Cup” youth liturgical leadership program. A few years later, he returned as a college intern for the program, then he later came back as director of alumni relations in the Development Office.

After nearly three years in that job, he responded to a call he first heard in college and joined the monastery.  

“Back in college, I read a quote from theologian Frederick Buechner in a class on Christian vocation that reads as follows: ‘Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need,’" explains Fr. Simon.

“The joy I saw in this monastic community drew me to this monastery. My days here are joyful, and I enjoy the slower, reflective way of life.”

Fr. Simon knows that, no matter his assignment, he will be serving the needs of the Church.

“What Saint Meinrad does well is engage the Church in what the Church needs – I see Saint Meinrad and our work here as being wise pilgrims with the Church that is on pilgrimage to God.

“We do not wait to catch up to the Church. Rather we are doing our best to actively walk with the Church where She is, guided by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It seems this is what Saint Meinrad has always done.”

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