Rosemary O. Merah

  • Hometown Evansville, IN

Degrees Pursuing at Saint Meinrad

  • MA Theology

When did you begin your studies?

January 2021 to May 2022


What influenced you to begin studying for a master’s degree in theology?

It is a requirement for the chaplaincy profession, which is what I am doing now.


What else are you doing besides seeking a master’s degree (work, family, volunteer work)?

I am working at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville, and I also volunteer at the food kitchen of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Evansville.


Favorite saint and why?

St. Anthony, patron of lost things, apart from others. He almost always answers my prayers when sought for assistance to find things I am looking for with lightning speed.


Favorite Scripture verse and why?

Psalm 23. I find the psalm motivating, participatory, soothing, consoling and powerful. I encourage as many people as I can to use the prayer always, not only in times of trouble or fear.



Reading, cooking, watching movies, dancing.


What aspect of your coursework has been most rewarding?

It has given me in-depth knowledge about the Bible, and the Pauline in early Christianity was rewarding, as well as Catholic moral ethics. However, I found everything interesting and worthwhile, from the lectures and caring lecturers to the participatory class activities and camaraderie, the spiritual exercises, Masses, socializing and more.


What aspect of your coursework has been most challenging?

I did not find any aspect most challenging. It is the fact that I took three courses per semester, with a total of four twice when I added one-credit workshops, which also required writing papers. I was also working at a part-time position that quickly turned into a full-time position. I also drove to Saint Meinrad twice a week from Evansville for over three months for a class I took with the seminarians. I thank God, though. It has definitely been a rewarding period.


What plans, if any, do you have after you receive your degree?

I will formally begin a full-time job at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital.


Other comments?

I am grateful for the opportunity Saint Meinrad gave me to acquire the MA degree in such a lovely, God-abiding atmosphere. The food was great as well as the third-floor accommodations in St. Bede Hall. A lot was learned, both spiritually and academically.