March Ministry Moments: Updates From Our Partner Parishes

Monday, March 25, 2024

We asked our Partner Parishes to tell us about a ministry moment, an encounter with a young adult, or a story that they'd like to share. Here are their answers:

 "Janet, our Echo apprentice from Notre Dame, lead our Parish Mission in Spanish for her first big event.”

 “Recently, I've enjoyed some coffee dates with our young adults and just getting a chance to invest in them, hear about their lives, and pray with them."

 "We had a guest speaker come to our monthly gathering. They really liked it."

 "We've had such a wonderful time at our Lenten Soup Suppers, this year we went over Lenten Liturgical Music, it was so helpful to have a full breakdown of the songs with ties to readings from the Bible."

 “Over the last month, we have had our men's and women's parish retreats, and we had some young adults present as both team members and participants."

 "I was so excited to ask one of our Young Adults to be our lead for launching our new podcasting opportunities. Jessie was so honored and thrilled to take on this role. Rick from our sister parish brought some young adults from the Diocese – both Notre Dame Echo apprentices to be there as he showed them how to get the new equipment set up. Our YA's felt very loved and poured into by folks outside of our parish. We designated an office formerly for Youth Ministry to be the new “Podcasting Room” so the equipment can remain at-the-ready. There is more to learn about how to actually produce and share a podcast, but we are all enjoying the process and possibilities."

 "For those young adults serving in youth ministry in the parish. I am grateful for their dedication to this ministry. We have young adults involved with our OCIA team and our liturgical ministries."