March Reflection on Gardening and Faith

Molly Boeglin and Cassie Schutzer
Thursday, March 7, 2024

“Qavah” means a time of anticipatory waiting. Cassie introduced this word to me during Advent, which was very appropriate. This month, it applies to lambing, which will be underway soon on my little farm. I’ll also be incubating colorful eggs to hatch chicks. Different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs! Spring is certainly on its way! And the best part of spring is Easter. The dark days of Lent are blown away as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

March on the farm is full of work and rewards. We will prune the blackberries to ensure they stay healthy and produce a good crop. We also mulch them to help prevent the weeds that try to overtake the bushes. If the temperature is warm enough, I’ll also plant marigolds around the blackberries, tomatoes, and any other spots I can find. Marigolds are a great companion plant for the garden and are a great add to your chicken feed. They contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. There’s also research that shows their pungent aroma is a pest deterrent.

My winter sowing project is underway with many types of flowers and vegetables getting their start outside. Starting the seeds in milk jug “greenhouses” allows them to germinate when the conditions are right for them, and to easily harden them off by opening the milk jugs during the day and closing them at night when the air gets much colder. A few plants can be direct-sown at this time, which always makes me excited. Carrots, lettuce and peas are the ones we will get started.

Getting into the dirt in March, to me, signals the end of winter. I can clearly see that from this labor, we will one day see the fruit (and vegetables). The waiting may be hard in this world of instant gratification, but we are called to do the work in this life, in preparation of eternity with our Lord. In comparison, a few months doesn’t seem too long to wait for a bountiful garden harvest.


Friends, how is the garden of your heart looking now that we are well into Lent? The pre-Lent preparatory work has given way to mid-Lent preparatory work – we are never truly finished growing.

In Molly’s garden, seeds are still being planted and sown, eggs are incubating, plants are being pruned for greater growth. The same is true in our hearts. There is movement happening, but we are still in the midst of a season of waiting.

Now is the time to “set things right.” (Is 1:18) With the grace of God, we can continue in our Lenten practices without giving up hope. With His grace, we can make straight the paths for His coming and restore order in our hearts. Remember, it’s not about success – it’s about conversion, healing, and becoming more like God. The garden of our hearts is being primed to bear fruit in season. 

What seeds are you allowing the Lord to plant? What is He asking you to prune? What fruit do you already see being borne in your life?