Ministry Moments: Updates From Our Partner Parishes

Monday, December 4, 2023

"I was blessed enough to see the fruits of ministry this month by connecting with young adults who have been involved in our ministries in years past. What a wonderful gift to see their faith has continued to blossom and see how the Lord is working in their lives now."

"When I had my gallbladder unexpectedly removed after being admitted to the hospital on a Saturday night, the thought of not being able to offer Sunday Mass for the first time as a priest broke my heart. I was so grateful for Tommy, one of our young adults who helped me set up, get vested, and not fall over for a very short, but incredibly beautiful Mass. Five hours after surgery, and I was able to hold our Lord in my hands, receive Him, and give Him in communion to Tommy. As I said those words of Consecration, my heart brimmed over, the tears flowed, and I found myself whispering 'thank you' to Jesus as I held him just a few inches above the altar...(all I could comfortably do) as I gave him thanks and offered the Mass for all those who had cared for me and helped me with the crazy events of the past 24 hours. Tommy sent me a note after thanking me for the witness that Mass gave Him of even amid the discomfort of surgery, the need to see and receive Jesus, and the importance of celebrating Mass for a priest. I told him I couldn't have done it without him, but that I had much to be thankful for and that the Mass was the most important thing I do every day. And it was the best act of gratitude I could offer for all those who stepped up and helped me in the midst of my need."

"Our trip to Saint Meinrad (for the fall gathering) was a wonderful experience. Hearing the wisdom of other parishes and the presenter were very helpful."

"Oftentimes, we sow seeds in ministry and have no idea what comes of them. Yesterday, I ran across one of our older young adults (we'll call her "Lily") who, several years ago, befriended a new young adult in our parish who had just started the process of becoming Catholic (we'll call her "Sarah"). Lisa eventually became Sarah's sponsor. Being in the military, Sarah was stationed at a different base before she was able to complete the process of Christian Initiation at our parish. When I spoke with Lily yesterday, I found out that she was in the office to get her eligibility form to be Sarah's godparent at Easter filled out so that she could send it to Sarah's parish at her new base. It has been a years-long journey for Sarah, but she will finally be joining us at Easter as our sister in the Body of Christ."

"I was recently able to meet with one of our key young adult leaders and simply pour into her leadership. Taking the time to pour into a few, teach them how to do the same, and empower them to lead is one of the best experiences in ministry."

"It's been really beautiful to see some of our young adults step up and want to lead in various ways in the community. A couple organized a Christmas party and another organized a Potluck Bible Study."

“Although we have certainly been presented with challenges as we grow our Young Adult Ministry, it is wonderful to watch the growth of some of our leaders. Instead of pulling away from the chaos, I see them leaning in and holding on to hope that there is purpose and beauty in this group and what it has to offer our young people. The struggles are worth the effort – and these leaders are demonstrating this principle.”

"We have concluded our Oasis Room... a space safe for young adults to come and be who they are in a comfortable setting right here at the Parish Center. It was incredible to hear young adults talk about how nice it was to be considered in something as simple as meeting space."