You Are a Gift to the World

Cassie Schutzer
Monday, January 15, 2024

You are a gift to the world.

Has anyone ever told you that?

Doesn’t matter if they have or not. It’s true.

 You are a gift, and your life is a gift simply because you were created intentionally by a God who loves you. He didn’t need you (He doesn’t need any of us, really), but He wanted you to exist and so you do.

 For our booth at SEEK this year, we invited college students to reflect on a couple of questions. One of the questions was: “How are you a gift?” Would you be surprised to learn that was the least answered question of the bunch?

 One of the most poignant answers to the question of “How are you a gift?” was simply “I don’t know yet, but God does.”


 What an incredible moment of reflection, honesty, vulnerability, and ultimately – hope. This young person is not despondent. They are not unbelieving. They are not even confused. They know that God created them for a unique and definite purpose. And while it is at present unknown, God is with them. Giving their life purpose. Guiding them. Loving them. Calling them closer to His heart.

 “I don’t know…” – This young person is searching. There is an action taking place, not a passivity. They want to know what they were made for.

 “…yet…” – They know that one day, things will be made clear. There is faith at work here.

 “but God does.” – This is a conviction, a truth for this young person. God knows even when I cannot. God sees even when I feel hidden. God will reveal all things to me in His time.

 This is why ministry with young adults is so crucial. They are experiencing major transition points in their lives, they are seeking purpose, and they need our accompaniment. They don’t need answers or platitudes or lectures. What they need is for us to make a gift of ourselves and receive the gift that they are.

 Because each of us is just that – a gift – and we are made for each other and for a relationship with our Creator.