In the United States, nearly 40 percent of adult Catholics are Hispanic. Priests must be prepared to minister effectively in this multicultural environment. Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology can help dioceses and their priests-in-training meet this challenge.

Seminarians have the opportunity to learn about Hispanic cultures, language and ways of living their Catholic faith through a program integrated into their Master of Divinity studies.

General Requirements

All students take a required course on the history and culture of the Catholic Church in the Americas. During the January Interterm of their second year of theology studies, seminarians are required to take a two-week class on the dynamics of multiculturalism at the Mexican American Catholic College in San Antonio, Texas.

Intensive Concentration/Summer Spanish Immersion

For those who elect to, intensive concentration in Hispanic ministry is offered, where students concentrate on language, cultural and liturgical skills to meet the needs of an expanding, diversified ecclesial landscape. The deadline for the applications of the Summer Spanish Immersion each school year is May 1st.

Students can benefit greatly from summer immersion experiences in Guatemala and Mexico, as well as a full-time Spanish-language instructor working with students at every level. Some of the options available are:

• Probigua, Guatemala
• Cerimex in Guadalajara, Mexico
• IDEAL Spanish School in Cuernavaca, Mexico
• MACC (Mexican American Catholic College) in San Antonio, Texas

Saint Meinrad grants are awarded each school year as a way of supporting the Summer Spanish Immersion Programs. Many generous benefactors donate to Saint Meinrad for this special purpose.