Seminarians enrolled in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree program may elect to enroll simultaneously in the 36-credit Master of Arts (Theology) degree, also known as the MA(T). For those enrolled in both degrees, the 33 credits earned during the first year (I Configuration) of the MDiv apply as well to the MA(T). The only additional requirement is the completion of the 3-credit MA(T) Concluding Exercise.

In order to enroll in the MA(T), seminarians are expected to complete and submit the enrollment form by September 30 of their first year in the MDiv. The MA(T) matriculation fee must be paid by either the seminarian or his sponsoring diocese or religious community.

In order to qualify for the MA(T), seminarians must earn all of the credits required in the first year of the MDiv.

Seminarians have four options for completing the MA(T) Concluding Exercise. After choosing an option, the seminarian must register for the exercise prior to the semester or summer term in which the work will be completed. Upon enrollment, the seminarian or his sponsoring diocese or religious community will be billed for the cost of the three-credit course. Seminarians are expected to complete the exercise prior to the end of II Configuration.