While you're packing for OBOC, please remember our Dress Code!

Modest and simple attire is expected. These items may not be worn for any indoor activity during the conference: short shorts, athletic shorts, gym wear, yoga pants, leggings/tights as pants, sleeveless shirts, hats, flip flops, open-toed shoes and sandals (for safety purposes).

Please do not bring shirts that have offensive illustrations or terminology or pants or jeans that have holes.

During conference liturgies, male participants are to wear appropriate shirts (collared or polo shirts) and long pants. Ladies clothing should cover shoulders, décolletage, and knees. Absolutely no tights are permitted unless they are covered by a skirt.

For Mass on Day 5 of the conference, dressier attire would be suitable and is encouraged. T-shirts are never appropriate during liturgy, except for the conference t-shirt on Day 1.