Course materials are the responsibility of the program participant and are not included in the program cost. Required readings for each course are listed below. Additional articles, reference materials or e-resources may be suggested by the individual seminar instructor and/or distributed at the sessions.

Required Readings

Day 1:  Collins, J. (2005). Good to Great and the Social Sectors. Amazon

Day 2:  Robinson, Kerry (2014). Imagining Abundance. Amazon

Maimonides, M. "Laws Concerning Gifts to the Poor."

Freeman, Henry Unlacing the Heart: Connecting with what really matters  Amazon

Day 3:  Nouwen, H. (2011). A Spirituality of Fundraising. Amazon

Day 4:  Johnson, L. (2006). The Life of Faith and the Faithful Use of Possessions. PDF

Brueggemann, W. (2016) "Money and Possesions" PDF

Sermon 50 from John Wesley