Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the 18-credit specialization certificate in Pastoral Studies will:

  1. Establish broad foundation of knowledge concerning the theory and practice of pastoral theology and pastoral care;

  2. Demonstrate depth of knowledge in one or more focused areas of pastoral studies through the completion of elective coursework.


  • Pastoral Care and Counseling (3 credits)

  • Listening in Pastoral Ministry (3 credits)

  • 12 additional credits of coursework from the Pastoral Studies category (courses starting 40:xxx). Elective options might include: Supervised Ministry Practicum (recommended as final course in this certificate), Pastoral Conversations with Married People, Grief in Pastoral Ministry, Becoming a Religion Teacher, Catechesis and Preaching, Ministry to Families, Ministry to the Sick, Dying and Bereaved, Human Development and Christian Maturity, Campus Ministry Essentials, Introduction to Youth Ministry, Canon Law, Directed Research Project, or other courses approved by the Director of Graduate Theology Programs.

Note: While not a license to practice pastoral care, a certificate is evidence of training in pastoral care.