Rooted in Prayer; Committed to Serve

“A Church minister must first be rooted in prayer and have a deep love for Christ and his people,” explains Lauren Johnson, a student in Saint Meinrad’s Graduate Theology Program studying for her master's in theology. “Then they can use that as a motivation to invite others into a more meaningful relationship with Christ and his Church.”

As co-coordinator of the Office of Worship for the Diocese of Owensboro, Lauren cherishes her studies at Saint Meinrad. They help her excel in her work and grow in a deeper relationship with God.

“Studying at Saint Meinrad has been an incredible and life-giving experience for me. I appreciate the opportunity to further my education and increase my faith at such a beautiful campus that has served so many of my colleagues and priests in the Diocese of Owensboro.”

After graduating from Saint Meinrad, Lauren hopes to share her increased knowledge of the faith with others as well as serve the Church more fully.

“In addition to what I’m learning in the classroom, my experience at Saint Meinrad has already produced fruit in my life by increasing my desire to know and love God. I’m confident my formation will continue to greatly impact my work. I’ve also made not only professional contacts that I’m sure will be mutually beneficial to our ministries in the future, but good friends.”

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