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Saint Meinrad Archabbey has an opening for a Groundskeeper. This position would be responsible for mowing; trimming; planting; snow, ice and leaf removal; hauling and loading gravel, sand, dirt and refuse; applying herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers; weeding; mulching; assisting with or conducting cleaning of shop areas and departmental equipment; repairs and preventive maintenance. 

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Consults with and advises Director of Physical Facilities.
  • Plans and organizes daily work assignments of grounds personnel.
  • Assists in development and implements immediate and long-term plans relative to grounds and equipment.
  • Participates in continual preventative maintenance program relative to all Archabbey assets under his/her jurisdiction.
  • Monitors the cost and schedule of work in progress from labor and materials and alerts Director of Physical Facilities of anticipated problems.
  • Maintains an inventory of materials, tools, and equipment appropriate to support departmental demands.
  • Maintains campus lawns by irrigating, mowing, edging, hand trimming, fertilizing and proper use of other control methods. Cleans discharged grass from walkways, roads and landscaped areas when finished mowing and trimming.
  • Prepares areas for the laying of sod/seeding of various lawn and other agricultural seeds.
  • Maintains various campus trees and shrubs by pruning, trimming, watering, and using appropriate spraying of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, weeding and cleaning of formal and informal landscaped areas.
  • Removes and or sweeps (mechanical or hand) dirt and debris from roadways, sidewalks, steps and all areas requiring service.
  • Cleans around or empties campus refuse containers, weekly collects debris and rubbish left by natural causes or campus visitors, rotates on campus trash schedule.
  • Responsible for maintaining surface drainage basins and waterways and keeping them free of debris for proper drainage during heavy rain, snow and ice melt.
  • Repairs road surfaces and potholes with hot asphalt or cold mix.
  • Prepares planting areas for the planting of annuals, perennials, bulbs with the use of hand tools, rototillers (self propelled or tractor drive) or other tillage related equipment as needed.
  • Assists with control of weed growth in and around parking lots, drainage ditches and other areas where weed growth is occurring by spraying, removal and trimming, etc.
  • Removes snow and ice from roads and walkways using plows, power broom, shovels and spreading ice-melting agents when necessary.
  • Once a month assists with all mowers, tractors, backhoe, pick-ups, trucks being high pressure washed with soap and water. After the close of the mowing season all mowers, tractors, power vacuums, etc. shall be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, scratches and scrapes repainted and waxed before storing.
  • Grounds personnel shall be assigned to general maintenance positions assisting other co-workers, completing work orders, or responding to ever-changing fluctuations of the Physical Facilities Department.
  • Alerts supervisor of inventories needing replenished.
  • Collects recyclables weekly or upon request (cardboard, plastic, paper, aluminum cans).
  • Will have to adjust to work shift changes and work overtime as required. 

Experience & Qualifications


  • High school, trade school or on-the-job experience.


  • 2 - 4 years

Skills and Abilities

  • Must have or pass written, physical exam and obtain CDL licensure within the first fiscal year of employment to retain seasonal position. 
  • Must have the ability to operate heavy equipment, including tractors, skid steer, mowers, backhoes, trucks and bulldozers.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills required.
  • Required to have a valid State of Indiana Driver’s License.
  • Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions.
  • Be able to climb, stoop, kneel, walk, push, pull, lift, and repetitive motion.
  • Lifting requirement: in excess of 75 pounds.

Application Instructions

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